Serena Tang.


30 minute speed drawing of Marcelline using palette 22 from my palette challenge. It seemed like a great blend of Bubblegum’s colours as well as Marcelline’s colour. So basically a Bubbline drawing.

Line art for illustrations from the past couple days. These will be coloured except for Marcy & PB because that one did not turn out hopefully on Photoshop.

I always imagined that PB would totally encourage tomfoolery in her kingdom.

Bee & Puppycat sketch using palette #20 from my palette challenge. She’s such a cutie!

I just finished the lineart for the first webcomic! Finishing up colours in the next few days so we can post it. Hooray!

Breaking out the markers again for some practice. I may be rusty, but I still got it.

Yay I put together my own palette challenge! I put this one together as a combo of FallenZephyr’s and DearPaprika's palettes, as well as other palettes I've collected from Tumblr. 

I can do any requests, OCs, backgrounds, and fandoms, so send whatever you’d like to see! The fandom list includes: Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, My Little Pony, Bee & Puppycat, Dr. Lollipop, Sailor Moon, Pushing Daisies, & Game of Thrones.

So send me a request!! Either my art blog or my personal blog it doesn’t matter. I look forward to your messages!


I’ve had my eye on water brushes for awhile, and finally picked one up! They’re super easy to use, I’m just really rusty with water color.

Painting 411 portfolio! These are some of my favourite pieces from this series.

Oil, acrylic, and permanent marker. 2014.

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