Serena Tang.


Inktober 13-15. I like drawing robots, dumb unicorn jokes, and just dumb stuff in general.

I tried drawing Finn jumping from a cliff, but…yah. Well, can’t learn if you don’t fail, right?

Inktober 11 & 12. I just used it as an excuse to draw pumpkin pie while eating pumpkin pie.

I’m participating in #inktober this year! I have 2 other people also doing this with me, and hopefully they can guilt me into finally finishing a drawing challenge. This is 1 & 2, doing 2 different styles. I can’t use this sketchbook for inking….its way too rough.

30 minute speed drawing of Marcelline using palette 22 from my palette challenge. It seemed like a great blend of Bubblegum’s colours as well as Marcelline’s colour. So basically a Bubbline drawing.

Line art for illustrations from the past couple days. These will be coloured except for Marcy & PB because that one did not turn out hopefully on Photoshop.

I always imagined that PB would totally encourage tomfoolery in her kingdom.

Bee & Puppycat sketch using palette #20 from my palette challenge. She’s such a cutie!

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